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Feng Shui Solutions

Top 10 Reasons to Use Feng Shui

  1. Increased personal happiness
  2. Improved health and vitality
  3. Enhance romantic relationships
  4. Promotes family harmony
  5. Greater opportunities for a raise/promotion at work
  6. Better organized personal work space
  7. Enhanced creativity
  8. Attract better business and increase profits
  9. Achieve fame and respect
  10. Feel less stressed, peaceful and more balanced

"...After Diane visited my home and I followed her guidance, friends would walk in and comment on the peacefulness and harmony of my home.  It is the same house, the same furniture, only placed in an easy flowing order - everything changes to balance and to enhance the use and purpose of the area." - L. Campbell, D.C., Makawao, Hawaii

Feng Shui for Home Environments
  • Condos, single family and town-homes
  • Old, new and remodels
  • Property and building site evaluations
  • New construction, renovations and room additions
  • Home Decor color consultations
  • Redecorating
  • Gardens and yards
  • Real Estate for Sale - Home Staging

"...My consultation with Diane helped with decisions regarding long term construction and decorating ideas both in our business and home.  I found that Feng Shui is an art, that if the practitioner has the knowledge, a comfortable and appealing space can be created.  Diane has that knowledge." - Barbara Hubert, Makawao, HI

Feng Shui for Business Environments

  • Small or large offices
  • Retail Stores, art galleries and restaurants
  • Property and building site evaluations
  • Renovations and room additions
  • Interior Decor color consultations

"Following our Feng Shui consultation, we made some changes at my floral design business. We have noticed the work flow is much smoother and the whole area seems more spacious and open.  Even our vendors and customers have noticed the difference." - Karen T., Kahului, Hawaii

Feng Shui Home Staging for Selling Your Home

Statistics show that staging a home to sell can produce a quicker sale and top dollar for your home. As a certified Feng Shui expert, I have found that it is also important to shift the energy, in order to allow a potential new owner to feel welcomed when they walk through the front door.

Feng Shui Home Staging consultation includes:

  • Complete walk through of the home interior and exterior to evaluate
  • Changes are recommended and various options are discussed at that time.

"After listing my Wailuku Heights home with my realtor, I knew I wanted to have it sell quickly and for top dollar. Feng Shui expert, Diane Alba-Means came in and did a home staging consultation. I took her advice and made the simple changes. Within one week I had three offers and closed my home in 30 days." - L. I., Maui, Hawaii

"Several months after my husband and I placed our beautiful home on the market, we wondered at the lack of interest. We had previously enhanced our home with Feng Shui to make it comforting for us, but now with the intention to sell, we decided to have another Feng Shui consultation with Diane Alba-Means to shift the energies to be welcoming to a new owner." . . . "Small changes came with her consultation - none earthshaking or costly -- which resulted in an obvious shifting of energies". . . "Our home then sold quickly and for full asking price." - J. Radel, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Feng Shui for Building a New Home

What an opportunity to build your home in such a way as to maximize positive energy flow. I will be happy to work with you and your architect in the development of your floor plan. This is an excellent way to activate success and good fortune for all of your family. Looking at your plot of land for a site evaluation is beneficial before deciding on the placement of your home.

  • Create a welcoming grand entrance
  • Discover the best location for bedrooms, baths, and kitchen.
  • Suggestions for the placement of water features, such as fountains or pools are recommended

What We Do For You

Feng Shui is a blend of common sense, interior design, architecture and Chinese mathematics. This ancient Chinese art and science of placement not only studies our environments, such as buildings, streets and waterways that may be near by, but also people and time-related factors, known as Flying Star Feng Shui, and uses this information to evaluate how these energies interact with each other. 

Feng Shui Consultations are structured to enhance your personal needs and situations. Two of our most popular consultations are detailed here.

Basic Feng Shui Evaluation Includes:

  • Preview evaluation & determining compass directions
  • Consultation: personal best energies for success
  • Pa Kau (Bagua) drawing of your floorplan
  • Five Elements & Eight directions evaluation
  • Walking tour home/business
  • Audio Tape of consultation
  • Valuable handouts

For those clients who wish to fine tune their analysis with the time dimension formula, known as Flying Star Feng Shui:

Advanced Feng Shui Evaluation Includes:

  • Preview evaluation & determining compass directions
  • Consultation: personal best energies for success
  • Pa Kau (Bagua) drawing of your floor plan
  • Five Elements & Eight directions evaluation
  • Written report on Flying Star -Time Dimension evaluation
  • Walking tour home/business
  • Audio Tape of consultation
  • Valuable handouts

In Hawaii, complete our Free Feng Shui Consultation Information Form. A representative will contact you with appointment information.

To locate a Feng Shui consultant outside of Hawaii, contact the International Feng Shui Guild.

Personalized Feng Shui

Do you find yourself staring into your closet and wondering what to wear?

Are you uneasy giving a presentation at work? Perhaps your wardrobe is lacking vital energy, known as Chi. More specifically, personal chi which can make a difference on how empowered you feel. Choosing colors, styles and elements that enhance your personal energies will make your most intimate environment – your wardrobe, your best asset for success and well-being.

Click here to discover how color and fashion, combined with Feng Shui, can be used to empower your personal style!

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